ESR5 -Solange Gonzalez Chiappe

Host Institution:

Kantonsspital St.Gallen


Alfred Mahr


Neil Basu, Burkhard Ludwig, Lucien Abenheim

Project title: Focused study of the environmental impact on development of ANCA vasculitis- a hypothesis driven approach


Multiple environmental exposures are associated with the onset of ANCA vasculitis


Case-control study investigating the effect of various environmental factors on AAV risk using patients from 3 separate vasculitis cohorts (France, UK and Ireland), and in healthy controls, to (1) describe the clinical modalities of AAV onset (Objective 3), (2) analyse the impact of environmental factors on the phenotype of AAV (Objective 3) and (3) compare resulting statistical models with the unbiased open approach taken in ESR 2,4 (Objective 3).

Expected Results:

The identification of several candidate environmental factors implicated in the onset of AAV

Planned Secondments:

Laser Analytica: 4mths (to develop an industry-standard epidemiology workflow), Farr: 3 mths (to support comparison with ESR2/4)