ESR9 – Fillippo Guerri

Host Institution:



José Manuel Mas


Xavier Daura, Maria Cid, Ann Morgan

Project title: Systems biology and bioinformatics approaches to provide a holistic understanding of GCA biology


Because autoimmune diseases result from a complex combination of genetic and epigenetic factors, leading to an altered immune response to endogenous antigens, systems biology approaches can contribute to our understanding of the biology of such complex diseases in a holistic manner.


Mechanistic understanding of the disease and identification of diagnostic molecular patterns using systems biology approaches on assembled public genetic, transcriptomic and epigenetic data (Objective 6). Identify new drugs to be tested in in vitro functional studies (ESR10) and provide mechanistic understanding for the output of those studies (Objective 7).

Expected Results:

Improved integration of diverse biological knowledge into Anaxomics’ network search algorithms. Translate the knowledge of the pathways regulating inflammation-driven GCA into new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Planned Secondments:

IDIBAPS, 2 mths (learn about the known immunopathological basis of disease), UNIVLEEDS: 2 mths (aligning ESR7/8 analyses)