ESR6 – Alejandro Fontal

Host Institution:



Neil Basu, Mark Little, Simon Wilson

Project title: Atmospheric monitoring and time series analysis of climate and pollution impact on vasculitis onset


Onset of vasculitis is suspected to be triggered by an extrinsic, environmental component, yet to be elucidated.


Through a temporal approach in both time and frequency domains, HELICAL vasculitis onset databases will be interrogated to uncover potential links between vasculitis onset and the physical, chemical and/or biological structure of air masses and/or their constituents (Objective 3). Design and implement focused air quality surveys and subsequent analyses to corroborate/discard the alleged environment-vasculitis linkages (Objective 3).

Expected Results:

Characterisation of the nature and strength of environmental predictors of vasculitis onset. Identification of the complex set of physicalchemical-biological determinants. Development of potential preventive frameworks associated with the obtained temporo-spatial relationships.

Planned Secondments:

IBM 3 mths: Exposure to alternative means of temporo-spatial analysis and pathways to impact. UNIABDN 2 mths: To explore objective methodologies for data-driven approaches and pattern recognition techniques.

(EURAXESS Job Offer id: 378013)