ESR4 – Enock Havyarimana

Host Institution:

University of Glasgow


Neil Basu


Xavier Rodó, Mark Little, Duncan Lee, Breda Cullen, Corri Black, Lucy Hederman

Project title: Harnessing the power of integrated data to investigate environmental exposures on ANCA vasculitis risk – an unbiased approach


Multiple environmental exposures are associated with the onset of ANCA vasculitis


Integrate the two globally largest national ANCA vasculitis clinical registries (from the UK/Ireland and France). This will necessitate development of skills to address the ethical logistics of cross border data movement, the mechanical synthesis and quality controlling of raw data and the heterogeneity of source data in terms of study design, variables collected and their definitions (Objective 1). Apply data-driven approaches to identify and quantify relationships between multiple environmental entities (derived from pre-existing European-wide environmental datasets which cache temporo-spatial information on aspects such as climate, pollution and infection incidence) and the spatial circumstances of AAV disease onset (Objective 3).

Expected Results:

The identification of several candidate environmental factors implicated in the onset of AAV

Planned Secondments:

Farr: 2 mths (dataset merging governance); ISG: 3 mths (time series statistical approaches and environmental sampling)