ESR13 – Shaghayegh Bayati

Host Institution:



Peter Nilsson


Elisa Pin, Mark Little, Renate Kain, Hüseyin Firat

Project title: Profiling the autoantibody repertoire in the context of systemic vasculitis flare


We hypothesise that there are more autoantibodies to be identified to describe new subgroups of systemic vasculitis flare


Unbiased high density spotted antigen microarray screening samples derived from serial visits of patients recruited to the Irish Rare Kidney Disease biobank to characterise differences between those suffering and not suffering a flare (Objective 10). Validation of these results using samples from the Czech biobank using targeted antigen suspension bead arrays. Incorporation of results into WP1 to assess whether these autoantibody repertoires are influenced by environmental factors (Objectives 2 and 10).

Expected Results:

Screen for and characterise potential novel autoantibodies associated with systemic vasculitis flare (M3.2 (mth 36))

Planned Secondments:

TCD: 3 mths (to coordinate samples and clinical data), FI: 3 mths (to participate in the development of IVD tests)