ESR11 – Małgorzata Małys

Host Institution:



Renate Kain


Peter Nilsson, Mark Little, Hüseyin Firat

Project title: Extracellular Vesicles (EV) as markers of active disease in AAV


The use of EV as markers of disease activity has been hampered by lack of means to reliably identify the cells they originate from. Circumventing this challenge will open a new vista of biomarker development.


Characterise the (surface) protein composition of EVs derived from cell cultures of endothelial cells of different vascular beds and leukocyte subsets in vitro, and evaluate whether these methods can be used to uniquely identify individual EV subsets in healthy subjects and patients with AAV (Objective 8). Analyse sera from patients with quiescent and active AAV to evaluate whether they can be used as biomarkers of active disease, using machine learning that incorporates clinical data to develop diagnostic algorithms (Objective 10).

Expected Results:

Primary outcome: Information on protein composition of EVs from patients with AAV in active and quiescent disease derived from endothelial cells and leukocytes. Secondary outcome: Information on suitability of EVs as biomarker in AAV

Planned Secondments:

KTH: 6 mths (optimising methods for EV analysis), FI: 3 mths (learn about commercial biomarker discovery)