ESR1 – Albert Navarro Gallinad

Host Institution:



Mark Little, Dipak Kalra, Xavier Rodó

Project title: Establishment of a scalable semantic data architecture for study of chronic disease


Integrating diverse data sources requires scalable semantic architecture that automates data processing and provides an analytic platform


Adapt existing geo-spatial semantic data architecture that allows scalable incorporation of data streams deriving environmental archives (weather, pollution and infectious agents), near-patient app-derived information and RKD registry data (Objective 1). Set up the RDF-based scalable infrastructure to uplift and integrate data, and to export to analytic tools (Objective 1). Data pre-processing for deeper patient set analysis using machine learning approaches, with a view to comparing app-derived data between patients suffering a vasculitis flare and those remaining in remission (Objective 2).

Expected Results:

Granular description of the flare event and prodrome, semantic data architecture (M1.1 (mth 24))

Planned Secondments:

IBM: 4 mths (to place work in the context of a larger commercialisation workflow), pMp: 2 mths (support uplift of app-derived data)
Early Stage Researcher 1 HEalthdataLInkageforClinicALbenefit (EURAXESS Job Offer id: 377149)