Peter Nilsson

KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

Peter Nilsson


Peter Nilsson is Professor in Proteomics and Head of the Affinity Proteomics Division at KTH – Royal Institute of Technology. He is also Director of SciLifeLab Autoimmunity and Serology profiling facility.

The research in the group denoted Nilsson lab is devoted to affinity-proteomics-based biomarker discovery and validations. This is mainly explored within various autoimmune disorders and neurodegenerative conditions, and enabled through the development and utilization of different types of protein array formats using protein fragments and antibodies from the Human Protein Atlas. The autoimmunity disorders mainly being explored and characterized for their autoantibody repertoires, are currently vasculitis, myositis, sarcoidosis, fibrosis, and systemic sclerosis.

More recently, Nilsson lab has developed a new serological test for SARS-CoV2 based on the protein array technology that has been so far applied to screen more than 50000 samples.

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